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What does probate mean?

The word "probate" is a noun which derives it meaning from the latin verb probare, to try, test, prove, examine. The Willingham Law Firm assists It is the first legal process to administer the estate of a deceased person, resolve his claims, and distribute his property under a will. In other words, it is the process to prove and try a will. The Collin County Probate Court has the jurisdiction to try the legal validity of the deceased will. Once a will is admitted to probate and an executor receives letters of administration, an executor will have the authority to act in the capacity of an executor.

What is an executor?
The executor (called a personal representative in some states) is the person named in a will or appointed by a court to wind up the person's financial affairs after death. Basically, that means taking care of property, paying bills and taxes, and seeing to it that assets are transferred to their new rightful owners. If probate court proceedings are required, as they often are, the executor must handle them or hire a lawyer to do it.